Blossom by Anna Koetse, The Netherlands


This stylish bear takes her inspiration from the famous painting of almond blossom by Vincent van Gogh in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Made of sparse, matted and distressed, chestnut mohair, Blossom has vintage shoe button eyes, facial shading, wired arms and felt paw pads. She wears an elegant turquoise silk dress, which Anna has painted to suggest van Gogh’s work, adding blossom for a 3D effect. Blossom also wears an extra-fine gauze jacket and a (thicker) gauze petticoat. In addition, she has a coordinating headband and, on a chain over her shoulder, a blossom-pattern purse.  She is filled with a mixture of wood shavings, polyester fibre and tiny mineral stones.




33cm 13"