Steiff Antonio Margarete Steiff Edition Bear


This large and distinguished bear, the seventeenth in the Margarete Steiff series of bears, made for members of the Steiff Club, is inspired by Antonio Vivaldi. He has a musical movement, which plays Vivaldi’s ‘La Primavera’. This is activated by turning a key in the bear’s back. Antonio is made of specially woven, soft and distressed, brown and beige, soy bamboo viscose with paw pads, derived from natural beech wood, and black, lacquered wood eyes. A robin, also made of natural viscose, sits on one wrist. Antonio has a copper chest tag, featuring Steiff’s first-ever elephant trade mark, and comes with a pewter-coloured button in ear and a specially woven black, numbered ear tag, as well as a certificate and custom-made presentation box. This (the only Antonio we have) is number 99 of the edition.

limited edition of only 188

EAN no. 421761

62cm 24"