In 2005 we introduced a series of replicas of some favourite bears from our museum. The way in which their age and charm has been captured has amazed everyone who has seen them – from collectors who have never owned a vintage bear to those whose first love is old bears. Most of all it is their faithful facial expressions and the sympathetic way in which they have been made to look old that make them so outstanding. Characterful, old bears are not just expensive but increasingly hard to find. This series has made it possible to obtain a collection which has the charm of the old at affordable prices.

Each year we welcome a few more – new – Old Witney Favourites. Each is quite different and each is bursting with character. Click on the ‘Old Witney Favourites‘ tab on our Online Store to see our current collection – they may encourage you to visit us and see the originals!

Teddy Bears of Witney has specialised in Steiff teddy bears and animals since 1985. Founded in 1880 by Margarete Steiff, her philosophy was ‘For children only the best is good enough’. Steiff continue this principle today, setting the highest standards for materials, production techniques and design. Producing limited edition pieces for collectors, they have a wide range of classic bears and animals. Their children’s bears and toys are all washable, and comply with EN71 EU Safety Standards.

Merrythought has made teddy bears (and friends!) in Ironbridge, Shropshire, since 1930. Each piece is brought to life using the finest materials and traditional craftsmanship. Their collection has a universal appeal and includes limited edition and traditional bears, as well as their iconic Cheekies and Punkies. We always have a range of bears made by Merrythought which are made exclusively for Teddy Bears of Witney.

This Cornwall-based company was started by Charlotte and William Morris in 2005 and makes affordable, high quality, plush and mohair bears and animals for collectors. Each is hand-finished and has its own unique and distinct personality.

Kosen produce high quality, plush and mohair animals and dolls in Bad Kosen, Germany. The company was founded in 1911/12 and places great emphasis on quality and safety. All Kosen products comply with EN71 EU Safety Standards and carry the CE mark.

Jellycat have created original and innovative soft toys since 1999. Combining luxurious fabrics with quirky designs, safety is of the utmost importance and every character is rigorously tested to EU Safety Standard (EN71, parts 1, 2 and 3) and bears the CE quality mark. Unless specifically stated they are suitable for anyone of any age from birth onwards.

Established in 1971, Rainbow Designs specialises in the production of characters for children, primarily derived from books with wide-ranging appeal and nostalgic value. All products are tested to EU Safety Standard EN71.

Teddy-Hermann from Germany was founded by Bernhard Hermann in 1912. Their handmade mohair and alpaca bears are crafted using traditional techniques, ensuring each is produced to a high standard. In addition to their limited editions and classic bears, they also produce a range of plush bears and animals especially for children.

Clemens Spieltiere from Kirchardt, Germany, was founded in 1948 by Hans Clemens who, with the help of his sister, began producing Teddy Bears from old army blankets. The brand has flourished and all products carry the red Clemens triangle as a symbol, which guarantees quality and safety of materials used, unique design and careful workmanship.

R John Wright made his first doll in 1976 and first moulded doll a year later. His company flourished and the quality of its work, all made at their workshop in Vermont, USA, is unrivalled for its craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.