Steiff Carl Little Penguin


Steiff CARL THE PENGUIN is made of soft, cosy faux fur in a mixture of cream and dark brown.

This cuddly companion with a warm gaze, unique wings and cute little feet is sure to capture any ones attention.
His face has been elaborately airbrushed and he has small eyes and long beak and the artists at Steiff have made him very life-like.

CARL LITTLE PENGUIN belongs to the special collection created by Steiff in collaboration with the National Geographical Photo Ark.
When you collect CARL THE PENGUIN you help further the work of National Geographical scientists, explorers, and educators around the world.

Machine washable @ 30°, and is suitable for all ages.

Yellow label with famous Steiff stainless steel button in the ear.

25cms 10"

Suitable for all ages