The Little Prince™ by R John Wright


Presenting "Le Petit Prince". Made of the finest all-wool felt, he is fully jointed with the RJW ball & socket system with internal wood mechanism. The molded felt torso and limbs are sculpturally defined and the tiny expressive hands have individually-sewn fingers. His molded felt face is delicately hand painted and the blonde wig is meticulously hand-knotted of the finest English mohair.

Le Petit Prince is outfitted in the iconic costume depicted by Saint-Exupéry of a belted jumpsuit and a flowing greatcoat tailored of the finest custom-dyed all-wool felt with tiny star epaulettes. He wears a custom-made decorative pewter medalion at his throat and fine hand-cobbled leather boots. In one hand, our little prince holds his very own custom-made sword of the finest polished pewter.


21cm 8.5"

Limited Edition of 350

Boxed with Certificate