Peter Bull (1912-1984), the English character actor and wit, has been described as the catalyst for propelling the teddy bears renaissance in the 1970s and beyond. His well-researched books and entertaining promotional television performances drew huge audiences on both sides of the Atlantic.  His constant companion was his tiny bear, Theodore, who now lives in the museum in Witney.

The Theodore replica is the same tiny size as the original. The replica is made of mohair, stuffed with wood shavings and has the same lop-sided nose and smiling mouth as his forbear.
He comes on a wooden chair and red cushion embroidered with a 'T' in gold thread, he comes in a custom-made leather trunk. Also with him is a miniature book by Ian Pout, telling his story.


8.5cm 3.5"

Limited edition of 10,000

In leather trunk with certificate

Exclusive to Teddy Bears of Witney