Steiff Witney Exclusive Pocket Alfonzo


In this, the smallest Alfonzo Steiff have made, they have combined the romance of the original Alfonzo with a sense of fun! Like the original, he is made of red mohair, set on beige backing, with deeply set, black glass eyes and felt paws. Pocket Alfonzo is highly tactile, being softly and heavily filled with a mixture of polyfibre and steel pellets. His pale orange, cotton sateen Cossack outfit is trimmed with off-white ultrasuede.

A hand-signed 2008 first edition paperback copy of the Alfonzo Story, written by Ian Pout, comes with each bear.

15cm 6"

Limited edition of 1908

Boxed with certificate & paperback edition of The Alfonzo Story signed by Ian Pout